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A generic medicine is a term coined to represent a distributed medicine that is not sold or marketed with a known brand name. Generic pills have made its presence known to the market as early as the 1970ís. Since then the list of generic pills has grown much each passing year. Economical alternative is one of the main reasons that fueled its popularity. It is a common knowledge that generic pills come at a lower price when you compare it to brand name medicines.

One of the earliest accounts of generic medicines were in the late 1970sí. Back then; these generic pills come in a package that is without any design or name. However, they do come in a white package with a simple black colored lettering that tells the contents inside. Eventually generic pills were made available to almost every part of the world, however it was first introduced in the United States, United Kingdom and various locations in Europe. It was not difficult for the market to adopt such product because of the economical advantage it brings.

One glaring benefit in using a generic medication is the price. One of the reasons why generic medications are cheaper is because elaborate packaging and marketing is often costly for the producers. Generic medicine producers save money on those areas, and ultimately pass these savings to the consumers in a form of lower priced medicines.

However, the biggest reason generic pills come in lower prices at online pharmacy because these medications are being produced by smaller pharmaceutical companies that are strictly for production with no research and development aspect. Most big brand name pharmaceutical companies invest significant amounts of resources in research and development. Not only that, it would also invest significant amounts of resources to introduce a new product to the market. Since most big pharmaceutical companies are not running a charity, this means that they have to price their medical products significantly higher to recoup its research and marketing costs, and eventually make a profit.

To elaborate the process further, when a pharmaceutical company introduces a new drug, it is usually under patent. This means that for a certain period (usually 20 years), the company who owns the patent for that new drug is the only one allowed to produce and distribute it. The pharmaceutical company takes advantage of this specific time to recoup its investment on the research and marketing of the new medicine.

However, the patent of the new drug will eventually expire. Upon its expiration, it means that any pharmaceutical company is able to produce and distribute that specific drug. Since the drug is already the researched, tested and approved, other pharmaceutical companies only need to concern themselves with production. Production cost is much lower when you compare it to the total overall cost of research up to production in which the original company has to gone through.

When it comes to generic medication, some misconceptions are floating around. It's important that understand that these generic drugs undergo rigorous testing before the FDA approves it for distribution. So, here are some of the common misconceptions:

Generic medications take longer to take effect - this is one of the common misconceptions about generic pills. However, this is not true at all. The FDA tests generic drugs to have the same active ingredients, and delivers the effect at about the same time as the original drug.

Generic medications are sub par in potency - this is another common misconception. However, the FDA has strict requirements that generic drug could have the same strength, purity, stability and quality of its brand-name counterpart.

Brand name drugs are safer - thinking that generic pills are not as safe as brand name drug is another misconception. As a matter of fact, when it comes to safety, the FDA not only keeps tabs on generic drugs, but all drugs whether it is generic or brand-name. Before the FDA approves a drug for distribution it must show that is safe and effective. Since any drug may come with a degree of risk, the FDA requires any drug to outweigh its benefits when you compare it to the risk

Generic medicines are manufactured in an inferior manufacturing facility - this is a misconception since the FDA does not allow any drugs to be manufactured in a substandard pharmaceutical facility. There are at least 3,000 inspections that are being done by the FDA annually. This is done to make sure that no substandard facilities are producing any generic drugs, and to make sure that drug manufacturers adhere to a designated standard.

Generic pills has no more side effects and it is no more likely to cause one - in the eyes of the FDA, generic or brand-name drugs are under the same level of monitoring when it comes to adverse affects. The FDA reports that when it comes to generic and brand-name drugs, there is no known difference in incident rates.
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